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Radical Tendencies

Yoga & Mindfulness Education

In order to effectively do work with other human beings, we must cultivate deep, courageous self-care practices, or Radical Tendencies, to keep ourselves sustained in the change-making work this world needs.  Allow RTYME™ to share trauma-informed, mindfulness-based workshops and professional development with your school district, yoga studio, or organization! Together, we can cultivate an understanding of trauma, self-care, mindfulness and create compassionate, more healed systems of care for everyone.

Radical Self-Care

RADICAL: affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough; forming the root.

Those of us in the human services fields (social workers, nurses, therapists, educators,  etc.) often tend to disregard/minimize our own care in relation to those we serve. Sometimes we care so much about other people that we sacrifice our own needs without even noticing.  And we can do this for quite some time, until the lack of care we've given ourselves shows up negatively in our health, well-being, or professional choices.  This is called burn-out.  The antidote is SELF-CARE. By cultivating deep, courageous self-care practices (what I call RADICAL TENDENCIES) we can stay healthy, whole, and grounded in this challenging work long enough to see our efforts make a positive impact in the world.

Contact Me

"If you've come here to help me,

you're wasting your time.

But if you've come because

your liberation is bound up with mine,

then let us work together."

-Lilla watson

If your school, district, or organization is interested in trauma-informed, mindfulness-based staff development, let's connect!  Send me a quick message and I'll get back to you to discuss your specific needs. Looking forward to working together!

Tel: 408-771-3950

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