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Love Ethic Yoga

“Embracing love ethic means that we utilize all dimensions of love-- "care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect and knowledge"-- in our everyday lives.” -bell hooks
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"I loved the Self-Care workshops. 

Absolutely life-altering.  I'm a new person. 

I reflect every day on what I learned."  

- Janice, workshop participant

 "I have to tell you how impactful your class was...your really-easy-to-understand explanation of how meditation shrinks our amygdala went over really well with my ten year old.  He liked the idea of something shrinking his stress/fear center. So much so that he willing meditated with me today and we had a great discussion after. Thank you. You have a gift for explaining complex concepts. Looking forward to more classes."  

- Kat - workshop participant

“For adult learners, understanding brain research and learning mindfulness techniques truly impacts how we interact with our students and reduces stress levels of both students and adults. Nicole’s workshops are extremely informative and interactive. Nicole is very knowledgeable and provides a safe environment to engage in this type of work.”  

Nora Guerra, ‎Director of Educational Innovation and Development, Oak Grove School District, San Jose, CA

"I met Nicole Steward, when I attended EQ Schools Workshop. I found her presentation on Stress-Trauma and Mindfulness very clear and to the point. Nicole has truly internalized mindfulness and applies it very successfully with a compassionate heart.  She taps into the teacher inside her and speaks from the wisdom of her own practice, which makes her trainings very powerful. During the Workshop, she went extra mile and offered her personal time for any questions aside from the sessions and even followed up with my inquiries after I had returned to Istanbul, Turkey.  It felt comforting and supported to be able to reach out to her and get answers to my questions promptly with more than I expected.  I would recommend Nicole to any organization or individual."

- Ebru Engin, Mindfulness Instructor, Consultant at the World Bank

My Story

After two decades as a social worker (MSW) working in foster youth services, rape crisis, juvenile justice, and in education as a behavior intervention specialist, and foster youth/homeless youth liaison, I began to see the vital need for self-care to prevent burn-out. 
After experiencing three major burn-outs in my career, I decided to take my own self-care seriously and found yoga & mindfulness as a treatment to the vicarious (and often direct) trauma I was absorbing while working with vulnerable populations.  
Mindfulness allowed me the mental and emotional distance from the trauma while yoga allowed me to physically discharge the toxic stress.  It changed the way I relate to those I serve and has cultivated a resilience and optimistic outlook that keeps me sustained in this work.
Teaching yoga, offering self-care workshops and professional development that focuses on understanding the neurobiology of trauma to social service agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations allows me to share the good news of self-care and the message of resilience!
The need to adopt RADICAL self-care (deep, courageous self-care beyond manis & pedis) is becoming more & more obvious every day.  We must examine what we bring to this work and have practical ways to discharge the toxic stress we absorb as a byproduct of working with traumatized populations.  
I truly believe self-care is a RADICAL TENDENCY we must adopt if we are to sustain ourselves as service providers, change makers, and human beings.  This is why I created Radical Tendencies Yoga & Mindfulness Education (RTYME™). It's Our Time. I hope you'll join me in this change-making work.  Let us work & heal together!
In Solidarity,
Education & Certifications

Master of Social Work (MSW) -University of Connecticut (UConn)
200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

100hr UZIT/Deep Healing Yoga

Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum

Y12SR Yoga for 12-Step Recovery

CASA/Guardian ad litem for Foster Youth

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Assault

My Story
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