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Why Yoga & Meditation?

I practice yoga and meditation because it brings me home. Home to my body. There are many things and situations in my life that separate me from myself, whether it's past violations or witnessing present aggressions. But when I feel this pulling away from myself, this dissociation, this urge to numb out, I know I can close my eyes, breathe deep, and come home again.

“There are a thousand ways

to kneel and kiss the ground;

there are a thousand ways

to go home again." -Rumi

This is especially important for those of us in the human services industry; those of us whose job it is to listen to suffering, face oppression, and hold space for healing. We cannot help others become whole from their trauma if we are not whole ourselves. We cannot ask clients or students to access resources when we continue to ignore those available to ourselves. If we want to be authentic in our work, we MUST take care of ourselves.

For me, this self-care is through yoga & meditation. Learning to be in my body and move emotion, judgment, and pain through my body and breath is humbling and also so powerful. It allows me to be calm in the presence of chaos, still in the presence of shit-hitting-the-fan, and it allows me to hold space for others' suffering without absorbing it all. If you or anyone you love is facing challenges, please consider beginning a yoga or meditation practice. Once you learn to control your breath and your body, no one and no situation can take that peace away. This has been my journey, with the deep encouragement & support of my partner, to heal my body from past trauma and steel my mind & body for helping others walk through theirs. This peace is priceless. And you can have it too through a practice of yoga & meditation.



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