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The Steward Project Podcast is HERE!

Hello friends!

I'm starting a thing! Yeah, I'm jumping in and creating a podcast! Beyond excited to share my thoughts in a more direct way and in a way that can facilitate discussions and interviews.

The goal of this podcast is to create a space to dialogue about the intersections of service, social justice, spirituality and self-care. Yes, that's a lot of S's but each one is vital to those of us doing helping, healing or change-making work.

Join me as we build this community of support and inspiration together.

If you're like me, then you know this truth:

we are all in this together and we belong to each other.

Let's create a platform to share and support each other!

Please take a listen and give me some good feedback! I'd love to know what you think about my first episode and what you'd like to hear from me moving forward.

INTRO to The Steward Project:

Episode 1: Meet Nicole

Subscribe on iTunes, Anchor, or anywhere else you get your podcasts. Please share a review or share the podcast with friends!

Thank you!



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