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Self-Care During Chaotic Times

The constant awareness as a living being that suffering exists and will always exist can be hard to process, but makes it no less true. As we experience deep moments of suffering throughout the world, we come back to the reality that all we can control is our breath.

Instead of isolating ourselves, letting the fear from 24/7 news cycles eat our insides, or allowing violence to divide us, let's come together. Let's talk together about solutions. Let's love our neighbors. Let's come together to heal.

We can better focus on solutions when we are focused on understanding and shifting our emotions. In an effort to help us move toward action, I offer a small gesture of healing that can help us take care of ourselves.

Turn off the news, shut off social media; take 2 minutes to give YOU some love.

:: Find a comfortable seat. I'm in Hero Pose, siting between my feet, shins firmly pressing into the earth, sit bones grounded. Feel free to sit on a cushion or even in a chair.

:: Put a drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand. I recommend Lavender, Bergamot, or Frankincense to ease trauma.

:: Rub hands together to help the oil's effervescence, then make a tent with your hands and place them over your nose.

:: Take a deep inhale & breathe in the scent. Our senses lead directly to the emotional center of our brain and essential oils help calm the stress response, restoring a state of ease & wellbeing.

:: Rub the hands together again and gently place the palms of the hands on the cheekbones, covering the eyes. Hold here for a few breaths, feeling the warmth of your hands, allowing your eyes to relax into the sockets. Release any tension behind the eyes. Breathe.

:: Bring the hands to the top of the knees, palms up. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, lengthening your exhales. As you breathe, notice how it feels in your mind; notice how it feels in your body; notice how it feels in your heart. Breathe out any pain, tension, and sadness; breathe in love, safety and courage.

As you breathe,

notice how it feels in your mind;

notice how it feels in your body;

notice how it feels in your heart.

:: Repeat as needed. 👊


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